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Social Sanity in Serb Interpretation                                    9 Oct. 1998

By Pavel Kollar

In Banat(part of Voivodina) in the place Great Beckerek(now renamed Zrenjanin) in 1906(or so) there happened an event when Serb rebels from the nearest village Elemer entered the town killing one policeman(German nationality, there were also policemen Serb nationality) who stood guard infront of one building, without threatening the rebels. The killer was arrested(only the killer), some Mihajlov, and was sentenced to 5 years jail. After 2,5 years he was set free.

Some events in which Serbs were involved in 1914 triggered WWI in EU and have encouraged the ethnic Serb secessinists, and Serb seccessionists got Banat, Backa and Sirmium(later renamed as Voivodina) and many other contries without negotiating a political solution by A-H Monarchy, but by war. The continuation of the story is known from history books: WWII, Cold War, YU war and now Kosovo war and possible tomorrow WWIII.

Then who is saying that Serbs are small nation when they can govern such a big events and so a long time. It is good that some Serbs started to grasp differences but sorry enough not all differences. They are very selective in grasping differences.

It is true that no other ethnic group in Serbia has violated the serbian rules but what remained from them: churches, graveyards(also without crosses), village names(if in the meantime were not changed) and little people. Mr. Tintor argues that NATO threat to Serbia is insane. According this logic sane is let perish or perish. In this context the behaviour of Albanians in Kosovo could be understandable.

Possible Mr. Tintor would make good if he tries to find answer on question why so many nations and ethnical groups have choosen to flee(with or without territory) from Serbia(or YU) rather then live under Serb law.

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