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13 October 2000     An Interesting Statement

Slovakia: Cupera from HZDS in SME OnLine ' .... politics is not natural science ... but a play of interests ...if neccessary we will remove the government...'

He is right from his standpoint as engaged for one movement which allegedly is protecting interests of one part of Slovaks, but the problem is that they do not recognize the same to others. In natural sciences human is ever a neutral observer or a third partner, from one level about the events and if these events show some regularity one can say that the events are governed by some law. But this neutral standpoint exist also in politics. This is the law, the constitution for ex. Also for those who are direct player in some game exist some rule. That means in politics is valid: interests yes, but according rules(aggred by all players). It seems that HZDS wants interests without any rule or according the rules of HZDS. But this is not politics.
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