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Play of Emotions                                                  Sept. 18 1998

By Pavel Kollar

In communism such a "free heads" really sit in psychiatrical wards or some other wards. They have been selected very early, in their youth, on the basis of tests(imported from America) and on the basis of modern technology(also imported). The test situation started usually as harmless encounter, in cheerfully atmosphere of some party or on the street corner, but in a critical moment the atmosphere turned to serious, the event was immediately registered by 'duty boys' as serious(offense of moral naturally). And the carrier and the life were out if the person refused to fall on knees infront of some police boss and ask forgiveness and promise loyalty and cooperation(and as a mater of course to pay something). The alternative was stripping from family, expel from the job, no flat but a ward instead, a continuous provocation and harassment, feeding with sedative, etc. and if the case looked attractive there were also judges and journalists. And the communist ideologists created a slogan that 'garbage is garbage equally in communism or democracy' (they were ever good informed what was going on outside the 'iron curtain'). But see now what happens further: the bosses made just that, for what the 'bad boys' were registered as 'wrongdoers' and sit, with one exception: the 'duty boys' stood infront of the room, guarding it from curious 'peeping Toms' from newspapers, not inside as in previous case. But this was in communism, or is even today there so, but I looked on a map and found that New Hampshire is somewhere more Westside. Do you know where are you heading for? And are you so certain that your child cannot fail on such tests in spite of all your educational effort? The play is here not that somebody is such or not, but much more that somebody else wants to make the another according own image.

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