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What is Politics in America?                                  Sept. 18 1998

By Pavel Kollar

Had I been born in America, I would probably be voter or supporter of Democrats. But in 1996 elections I would not vote Clinton for only one reason: that he made Milosevic a negotiation partner in Dayton. But you American, you elected him with a majority as never in recent history of American elections. Possible my choice that time was under influence of some anger and somebody can blame me that I have chosen a small part of his policy to decide about the whole, that I have been indifferent to all other themes, etc. The majority of Americans that time, and possible you also, ignored this small part of Clinton’s foreign policy(if this could be called “his”, possible the better term would be “American foreign policy” because the opposition of that time had not offered anything better) or possible accepted it as “good”.

Today you appeal on other Americans to remove Clinton from office. Reason: a small part of his private life. And if today there would be some referendum or elections you would probably vote against Clinton. But not so I. This time not and the reason would be the theme. On this theme not. Would I do so I would feel as doing something unright, unjust and similar.

What has similar Milosevic in Dayton and President’s relation with this young woman? Both are small parts of something larger but all other is different. To put a sign of equality between the two is also morally very doubtful. If you are so much touched with this second “small part” and so ignorant to the first one then somebody can ask what means “policy” or “politics” in America. And with this you want to be the leading nation of the world?

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