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... FREE IDEAS ...

.... are unsolicited letters to newspapers sent as reactions on different articles I read.  They are neither articles of professional journalist nor messages of a politician to broad public. They are ideas of a newspapers' reader. They reflect my personal standpoints to different subjects and are intended to be incentives for problem solutions. They are written for those who can understand them.

In LETTERS you will find right those reactions which were sent back to newspaper as Letters to the Editor. Others remained in notes and they can be found under NOTES. Some reactions required a broader analysis of the issue, but they were not intended to be letters because of their volume. Here I will present them under ANALYSIS. I also contributed to some message boards and here I will show these contributions under DISCUSSIONS. Recently I added a new column, COMMENTS.

The fact that the date of origin of the text is off,  does not speak about the obsolescence of the theme.  I do not convey actualities but ideas for  problem solutions. There are some fields where the changes are so slow that the themes are 'ever actual'.
                                                                            Pavel Kollar